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With a fleet of our own vehicles designed to cater for every collection need, we help businesses ranging from family-run food shops to industrial-scale abattoirs dispose of waste and by-products safely and securely.

We work across the UK.

Animal By-Product and Food Collections (Category 3)

We collect all types of category 3 animal by-product and surplus food products. We have collection solutions to cater for all businesses, covering all by-products from butchers shops, through to poultry processing units and large volumes from abattoirs.

We act as a true business partner, so you can be confident we will provide an efficient and professional service that keeps you compliant with environmental legislation.

All waste is collected by an appropriate vehicle from our dedicated fleet and brought to one of our plants for biosecure processing.

Your by-products will be processed into finished products that are utilised around the world in other goods and processes.


Animal By-Product Collections and Processing (Category 1 and 2)

All Category 1 by-products are collected and processed by us through P Waddington & Co [1947] Ltd securely and hygienically in a range of modern vehicles and processing plants.

All processing conforms to environmental guidelines and legislation, ensuring all Category 1 by-products are treated in a biosecure manner.


Food Waste Collection and Processing

For all catering food products and foodstuffs that require disposing of, we offer a nationwide collection service.  Our service ensures food waste does not go into landfill, but instead continues onwards for processing.

The collections we make are brought to our own processing plant or sent to other processing plants for use in the biogas industry.


Farm and Fallen Stock Services

We provide a fast and efficient on-site slaughter service for all types of livestock and collect dead stock nationwide for safe and secure destruction.

We also provide a humane euthanasia service. Our trained staff hold full firearms licenses, and handle each case with professionalism and sensitivity.

We're contactable 24 hours a day - please call 07825 064906 for an understanding service.

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