Notts Business of the Year 2021

Nottinghamshire Business of the Year 2021


East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2021

On 19th November 2021, JG Pears were thrilled and proud to have won two awards from the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, the first being named Business of the Year in Nottinghamshire in 2021, supported by our second award for reducing our Environmental Impact.  We were also named finalists in a third category International Trade.

This great recognition is a result of looking to the future with sustainable goals, significant investment, and the teamwork to drive the change.

Through focussing on its material impacts, JG Pears has identified that maximising use of resources to produce and improve both domestic and international trade for its quality products drives the sustainability of the business.

Driving the Circular Economy 

JG Pears business is at the heart of the Circular Economy, recovering and reusing animal by-products that would otherwise have been wasted in the human food chain. This is done by rendering (cooking) the materials, extracting tallow, a valuable animal fat that has multiple uses from pharmaceuticals to waxes and refined to provide biofuels. For Category 3 animal by-products (ABPs), the cooked and dried meal has widespread use in the animal and fish feed chains, as well as boosting plant fertilisers. These are exported worldwide, boosting UK exports.

For Category 1 ABPs, biofuels are again produced, but the dry matter (MBM) needs incineration under legal requirements. To ensure end to end use for all ABPs, including MBM, JG Pears have built and successfully operate a 48-megawatt biomass power plant at one of its sites.

This provides several powerful positive drivers for change.


Firstly, the biomass power is renewable, providing green heat and electricity to its neighbouring rendering plant, resulting in a net carbon zero operation, as well as exporting a steady renewable electricity supply to the National Grid.

Secondly, its fuel source provides for the safe and effective disposal of MBM, a category 1 ABP waste.

And thirdly, the final ash product is a super high phosphate product, capable of being used as a fertiliser to replace dwindling rock phosphate sources, or in other phosphate demanding applications.

Leading the way

In driving a Circular Economy business, JG Pears makes use of all the resources at its disposal, recovering resources for tomorrow’s future, increasing its contribution to reducing climate change, producing low carbon and useful products for feed, fuel, pharma and agriculture, aiming towards a net zero carbon world.

JG Pears is proud to be able to highlight and lead the rendering industry’s valuable contribution to meat-based food and feed industry, and to renewable power generation in the UK, actively reducing both the company’s and the country’s impact on the climate.


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