East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2021

22nd November 2021

We are thrilled and proud to announce that JG Pears have won two awards from the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, the first being named Business of the Year in Nottinghamshire in 2021, supported by our second award for reducing our Environmental Impact.  We were also named finalists in a third category International Trade.

This great recognition is a result of looking to the future with sustainable goals, significant investment, and the teamwork to drive the change.

JG Pears is proud to be able to highlight the rendering industry’s valuable contribution to meat-based food and feed industry, and to renewable power generation in the UK, actively reducing both the company’s and the country’s impact on the climate.

A huge thank-you to everyone at JG Pears. We would not have been able to achieve this without the hard work of all our staff.


Gold Sponsor of the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team

19th November 2021

JG Pears are very proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team, donating towards the purchase of a new rescue vehicle.

Based near our Headquarters in Penistone, Woodhead Mountain Rescue is an extremely important part of our community. The willingness and the local geographical knowledge of its kind volunteers is an outstanding and extremely valuable asset to everyone who live, work and play in this fantastic part of the UK.  It’s important that we as a community and as a local business never forget or underestimate just how lucky we all are. It is a reassuring thought to know that there is help at hand should something go wrong no matter how remote or difficult the situation may be.


Biofilter Repairs

3rd September 2021

We will be replacing worn roof panels and strengthening some structural components on one of the Biofilters at the Newark site on Wednesday and Thursday 8th & 9th September.

This is as part of preventive maintenance regime and is being done now in preparation for more extreme weather conditions during the winter season.

Whilst the work is progressing odour abatement of low intensity air will be achieved utilising the other Biofilter which remains fully operational, and as panels can be worked on individually, Biofilter 2 will remain operational unless a panel is being replaced. There should be no adverse effects on emissions.


Repairs to Economiser Boiler Tubes

28th July 2021

It is planned to shut down the CHP plant at lunchtime on Thursday 29/7/21 to cool the boiler ready for to start repair work on the Economiser tubes on Friday 30/7/21. The work should take one day, and the boiler will then be filled back up with water and prepared for start-up on Saturday morning 31/7/21. The plant should then be online for Saturday evening.

This is the current plan but it wholly depends on what is found when the Economiser is opened.

There will not be enough LNG on site due to shortages at suppliers to provide for the CHP, RTO and auxiliary boilers for the rendering plant, and so it is intended that gas oil deliveries will commence to supplement the fuel supply for the auxiliary boilers. This means that for very short periods (minutes) on changeover on fuels the auxiliary boilers may emit dark smoke from the stack, which is to be expected until oxygen levels equilibrate.

There should be no adverse effects on emissions, and odour abatement for the rendering plant should be unaffected due to the continued operation of the RTO and Biofilters.


Newark Site 'Island Mode'

7th July 2021

On Sunday 11th July the Low Marnham site will be briefly disconnected from the electrical supply to the Grid, meaning all electrical power to the site will be supplied by the CHP. This will be a very short switch to test the effectivity of the system.

The purpose of the test is in preparation for a similar outage on Sunday 18th July when repairs will be made to the main transformer. On the 18th, we will be bringing spare temporary electrical generation plant on site to ensure critical equipment continues to run in the unlikely event of CHP failure.

This 'island mode' running has been successfully operated previously and we do not expect any issues.


JG Pears Finalists in the Nottinghamshire Business Awards 2021

29th June 2021

JG Pears have been shortlisted as finalists in the East Midlands Chamber Business Awards 2021.

We are shortlisted in the Environmental Impact category, for putting environmental sustainability at the core of our business.

We are also finalists in the Excellence in International Trade category, for our significant and sustained increases in international trade.

Well done to all the finalists and everyone involved.


CHP Annual Inspection

23rd June 2021

The boiler at the JG Pears combined heat and power plant, situated at the Low Marnham site, will be pressure tested as part of its annual safety inspection on Sunday 27th June 2021.  The power plant will be taken offline by 4pm.

During this time, the rendering plant at the Low Marnham will be supplied with steam from the gas fired auxiliary boilers. Our state of the art RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser) will be used to thermally destroy odours, as is usual practice when the CHP is offline. We do not anticipate any issues.


JG Pears Community Investment Programme

June 2021

In 2019 and 2020, the JG Pears Group was busy supporting the local communities in which it operates.

Beneficiaries and charities to date include: Sutton on Trent Sports Club; a new bus shelter for Low Marnham; a contribution to the Normanton on Trent Village Hall Charity; sponsorship of the Penistone Agricultural Show; and new jackets for the Penistone church under 11 football team.


JG Pears Group Acquires P Waddington

October 2020

The JG Pears Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of P Waddington, based in Bradford. This latest addition to the Group will support the combined heat and power plant at the Low Marnham site.

Jeff Pears, CEO of JG Pears, comments “there are many linkages between JG Pears and P Waddington, and the larger group will be well-placed to service the needs of the animal by-product sector going forward".

“Every interaction we jointly had through this process has reinforced our common vision of our employees providing an excellent service to our customers while minimising the impact on our neighbours and the environment.”


JG Pears CHP Plant Reaches Take-over

6th July 2018

The JG Pears Group is pleased to announce that the initial commissioning of its combined heat and power plant at its Low Marnham site has successfully concluded.

The plant now enters a period of final operational review whilst meeting its obligations to produce renewable energy to both the site and the National Grid.


JG Pears Gains Transport Accolade

5th June 2018

JG Pears has been awarded the maximum 5 stars by the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme. This award recognises the focus and continual push for improvement JG Pears has shown within its operational practices - especially in relation to their safety and environmental performance. The significance of this recognition was reflected recently when JG Pears was approached to participate in the Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Programme (CVIP), launched by Highway England.

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