JG Pears CHP Plant Reaches Take-over

6th July 2018

The JG Pears Group is pleased to announce that the initial commissioning of its combined heat and power plant at its Low Marnham site has successfully concluded.

The plant now enters a period of final operational review whilst meeting its obligations to produce renewable energy to both the site and the National Grid.


JG Pears Gains Transport Accolade

5th June 2018

JG Pears has been awarded the maximum 5 stars by the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme. This award recognises the focus and continual push for improvement JG Pears has shown within its operational practices - especially in relation to their safety and environmental performance. The significance of this recognition was reflected recently when JG Pears was approached to participate in the Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Programme (CVIP), launched by Highway England.

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