Fighting Climate Change


Fighting Climate Change

Fighting climate change is integral to the JG Pears operation. We recognise that care for the environment is a fundamental and integral part of our business, so we work hard to minimise the effect of our operations on the local and global environment.

We are committed to protecting the Environment and reflecting the goals of sustainable development.

Generating Renewable Energy

Our Combined Heat and Power Plant at Newark is a facility that is rare in the field of biomass power. It is fired on meat and bone meal (MBM), instead of the more common wood or straw derived fuel.

We continually improve by maximising the renewable electricity output whilst at the same time providing all the energy demands to the rendering plant.

This activity can be expanded, improving the sustainability of the Group's other sites. Our goal is to harness the output from the power plant and use the latest technologies to provide both renewable energy and high-quality animal feed. This is the cornerstone of our Group's direction. The installation of our CHP has had multiple benefits, both to the business and external stakeholders, and we are committed to changing the perception of our industry.


A Benefit to the Environment

Engagement with our stakeholders is driven through communications on our website and through local community representatives such as Parish Councils and local opinion formers. We also contribute to sustainable communication through regular meetings and information flow with our regulatory authorities and our industry bodies. Our customers feel the benefits of a committed Circular Economy and Net Zero business being part of their supply chain.

A New Eco Hub

We will not stop there. We are continuing with the direction of travel started by the installation of the renewable biomass fired CHP plant, by developing the site of an old coal fired electricity generation plant. This will host environmentally sustainable technologies and net zero carbon energy generation.
Our investment in state of the art, best practice plant provides our compass to make our Circular Economy business even more sustainable, driving through our solution for fighting climate change.

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