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21st September 2021

RTO Upgrade

Further to previous modifications earlier this year, we will be replacing the pre-burner for the RTO (regenerative thermal oxidiser) at JG Pears Newark will on Monday 20th September.

Due to extensive pre-work offsite, the time taken for the fitment is considerably reduced, and it is anticipated to have minimal impact on the normal running of the plant.

During this time, the CHP will be fully operational taking all high intensity odours as normal, and the Feathers process line, which feeds the RTO with room air for its infeed air stream, will not be operating until later in the day.

In addition the Biofilters responsible for treating the low intensity room air of the factory will also be fully operational.

The auxiliary boilers will all be on standby should issues occur at the CHP plant.

Any concerns or queries during this time please contact us on 01636 529494 or by email at


Current Site Status

21st September 2021

No known issues.


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