Butchers’ waste collection


We provide a complete butchers’ waste collection service across England and Wales.

Whatever type of butchers’ waste you produce (category 1, 2, or 3), we can dispose of it for you safely and in the most environmentally-friendly way.  We deal with all sizes of collection, from a small bin to a full lorry-load.

Reliable service, competitive prices

The two most important considerations for any butcher looking to dispose of waste are high standards of reliability and competitive pricing. We deliver on both. Sophisticated IT systems mean we can track drivers at all times and so manage collection schedules effectively.  And our survival as a business relies on keeping prices competitive.

Sustainable processes – your waste, our raw material

To us, butcher’s waste isn’t rubbish – it’s a valuable resource. Our innovative processing plants turn the material we collect into top quality feed ingredients, fertilisers and fuels. So when you ask us to dispose of your waste for you, you’re keeping resources in use and playing a vital part in making the meat industry sustainable.

Contract butchers’ waste collection services

Contract with us for your butchers’ waste collections and we’ll arrange a collection schedule to suit your needs. Whether you need a daily, weekly or monthly collection, we’ll be there as agreed.

Our service includes the provision of bins – choose from a range of sizes between 120 and 240 litres. All bins come marked up with the appropriate waste category. Locks are available if needed.

To make sure you get the best possible service, you get a dedicated account manager and can contact us 24/7.


Ad hoc and urgent butcher’s waste collections

Whether you have a contract with us or not, you can call on us for an urgent or ad hoc collection. With a nationwide fleet of nearly 50 bin-lifters and over 200 liquid waste trailer unit, we’re never far away. If a fridge or freezer has broken down, for example, and you need to scrap the contents quickly, we can help.

Modern, safe and environmentally-friendly waste collection vehicles

All vehicles arriving at your premises will be modern, safe and environmentally-friendly. No dirty trucks belching out smelly diesel, but smart, clean vehicles that match the high standards of hygiene your customers expect from you.

Our state-of-the art bin lifters are all less then 5 years old, and most meet low emission zone standards. In addition, the vehicles are specifically designed for use in urban areas. Flashing lights and painted chevrons give maximum visibility to keep the public safe, and low-noise tyres minimise disturbance.

We also have a large fleet of specialist leakproof trailers for liquid waste, hauled by the greenest possible tractor units.

Uniquely for the sector, our fleet is rated 5 stars (the top level) by the Eco Stars fleet recognition scheme promoting cleaner, greener transport.

Easy admin

Our DEFRA approved electronic systems mean you don’t have to worry about paperwork. Drivers simply confirm the details using a handheld device,

Talk to Us

To get a quote for your butcher’s waste disposal, call 01226 762175.