JG Pears is one of the UK's leading processors of animal by-products and food waste.  Pioneering environmentally-aware practices since we started out in 1972, we play a vital role in the agricultural and food industries.

Collecting from across the UK, we take material that would otherwise require incineration or go into landfill and turn it into sustainable high-quality products.

Our processing plants are modern, hygienic, and use cutting-edge techniques to ensure that all material is processed via a bio-secure environment into finished products that are fully utilised around the world.

Across the Group, we operate under a net zero carbon footprint.

Global Customers

We sell our products to customers across the world.

Our reputation for quality and service means an ever- growing number of leading manufacturers are choosing our meals and fats as core ingredients in their petfoods and aquaculture feeds.

Our combined heat and power plant takes Category 1 MBM generating truely renewable forms of energy.

We also produce a unique range of organic fertilisers, helping farmers improve yields and soil quality in a cost-effective, natural and sustainable way.


National Presence

Solving the problem of how to dispose of animal by-products and food waste, we collect material from around the UK and process it into premium products.

We provide a biosecure nationwide collection service for farmers, abattoirs, meat processing plants and the catering industry.

Using our own fleet of specially-designed vehicles, we collect all three categories of material: the parts of meat-industry animals that are no use for the human food chain, dead and fallen stock, and foodstuffs from shops and catering establishments.

With the material we collect, we manufacture premium grade animal fats, animal meal products and biofuels.

We also turn the by-products of our own processes into further products, including fertiliser.

We are in control of the complete process, with all by-product processing taking place at our own plants.

We believe in finding a new use for everything that comes through our doors.


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March 20, 2023

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Whiteboard donation to primary school

Community Investment at JG Pears

February 8, 2023

 Looking After Our People and Our NeighboursAs proud employers in, and members of, our local communities the JG Pears Group firmly believe that we need to operate in our neighbours’ best interests and add value to those on our doorstep...

Food waste

Food Waste at Christmas

December 12, 2022

Fight food waste this Christmas to give the gift of carbon reductionBritain wastes almost 6.5 million tons of good food every year – enough to fill Wembley Stadium 11 times. Experts agree that reducing our weekly food waste by 30% woul...


Our range of activities includes:

  • Animal by-product collection and processing across all 3 categories
  • Food  and catering waste collection and processing
  • Farm and fallen stock collection and disposal services
  • Manufacture, sales and delivery of premium grade meal, oils and fats
  • Manufacture and delivery of high quality organic fertiliser
  • Renewable electricity generation (combined heat and power plant and windfarm)
  • Long standing livestock farming in and around Yorkshire

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